• OG Media Deployment

    Our speciality is our capability to liaise and connect with people in a variety of environments and provide a visual record of fact for broadcast through film and photography. This strongly represents our strap-line 'Seeing is believing'. If your target audience can see it, they will believe it.

  • Not just a Cameraman

    Simon O'Gorman is a deployable cameraman and media strategist with a military background.

    OG Media Deployment was developed to cater for clients who require the combination of specialist skills in the field to reach a target audience. Our experience in dealing with the press and mainstream media puts us in an ideal position to support clients who wish to engage publicly with a specific message or campaign.


    With a respectable track record in media deployment we consistently deliver high quality work in a variety of environments worldwide.

    Deployable Cameraman

    Deployable Photographer

    Deployable Legal Team

    Media Strategist

    Social Media Management

    Close Protection



    "The connection we have with our clients is personal and our commitment and respect to our work has maintained our credibility within an interesting and unusual, challenging environment."

    - Simon O'Gorman

    Recent Deployments


    Middle East -








    East Africa 







    We specialise in working in war zones and areas affected by conflict, famine or natural disaster.



    "If we can see it, we can film it."


    We are a small experienced and highly productive team, cameraman, bodyguard and medic, with extensive experience working in a variety of situations worldwide.


    "Seeing is believing."


    Access is everything, if we can deploy to the centre of the action we can document what is happening.


    Deployment within 24hrs

    Humanitarian situations, areas affected by conflict, natural disaster, specialist documentaries and promotions, film and photography campaigns.

    Karamajong territory, Northern Ugandan border, East Africa.

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